Thursday, January 12, 2012

Skin Problems - Have You Tried African Black Soap?

For those with problematic skin, you are well aware of the many products out there that promise you beautiful skin. Unfortunately, many of these products contain harsh chemicals that can dry and irritate sensitive skin and cause further breakouts. Healthy skin needs to be well nourished from the inside and the outside. African Black Soap is an all natural soap with cleansing and moisturizing properties that benefits all skin types including sensitive and acne prone complexions.

African Black Soap or simply called, Black Soap is an organic soap typically found in Ghana. Other regions in west Africa also make their own versions of African black soap, often creating their own secret recipes of proprietary oils and herbs and using their own special cooking recipes. Rest assured that this soap made in Africa, is made from all natural ingredients with no chemical additives.

You may be wondering, what makes Black Soap so different than the rest of the soap products out there? For starters, Black Soap is made from all natural materials like dried plantain skins, cocoa pod powder, oils such as palm oil, coconut or palm kernel oil and palm leaves. The plantain skins are allowed to dry in the sun and are then baked slowly and evenly in a special clay oven to achieve the perfect texture, color and aroma. Next, powder made from cocoa pods (these are the shells from fruit of the cocoa plant) is added to the mixture. Lastly, the palm leaves and special variety of oil is added to the mixture. The deeper the black color of the soap, indicates the length of time in which the plantain skins were roasted.

Black soap has a smooth texture with an earthy aroma. It can be used not only as soap for hands, face and body, but may also be used to gently clean hair too. This soap can be in the shape of an oval or rectangular shaped bar soap, or is also available in liquid soap form. Natural beauty products have another big benefit and that is affordability. African Black Soap can be purchased for as little at $3.00 a bar, multipack quantities make the per unit price even more affordable.

This soap works wonders for all types of skin from dry to oily or rough to sensitive. It benefits by moisturizing to minimize fine lines and wrinkles and to eliminate acne breakouts. Dudu-Osun is one popular brand of Black Soap that is made in Africa and imported. What is it about this soap that offers such great skin benefits? It's the ingredients that contain vitamins A and E and iron. Vitamins and minerals needed to promote healthy skin. This soap is known for clearing the skin of bumps, blemishes, acne and spots and is gentle enough for everyday use to keep your skin looking beautiful.

You may be wondering - where I can I buy African Black Soap? More and more retailers are importing this product and it is widely available from mainstream retailers in your neighborhood or on-line. Since this soap is so gentle on the skin and is often recommended for those with eczema and psoriasis, it can be used by young and old alike. Some varieties contain Shea butter which adds another ingredient that helps moisturize and keep skin healthy and radiant. For those individuals with dandruff or dry, itchy scalps, this soap offers pure relief when used as a shampoo. Simply wet hair and rub soap on hair until it lathers. Gently massage into hair and scalp and rinse thoroughly. A gently conditioner may be applied to hair afterwards.

African black soap is well known as a superb make-up remover. Foundation, rouge and mascara are no match for this soap that wipes your skin perfectly clean of all make-up and residues. Daily use of this soap gently exfoliates dead skin cells preventing acne flare ups and encourages the promotion of new skin cells.

You may be wondering, are there any special application techniques or tools required for using this soap. The answer is no. Use your normal method of washing whether you apply this black soap with just your hands or on a wash cloth or other bathing sponge. This soap will lather nicely and rinse cleanly without leaving you feeling any sticky residue. Since it's all natural, you can be assured that no chemicals or harsh additives will harm your skin or hair.

If you've tried other skin solutions and they've fallen short of your expectations, try African Black Soap today to resolve your skin problems. You will be amazed in just a very short period of time, how effective this all natural product can be in solving your skin issues. You may be so impressed you will want to purchase some for your closest family and friends who are looking for a product to give them healthy, vibrant skin.

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