Saturday, February 25, 2012

How Homemade Face Scrubs Can Save You Money And Avoid The Harmful Chemicals Of Shop-Bought Cosmetics

Using homemade face scrubs is the essential first step in our daily skin care routine. The dirt that builds up on our skin in the form of grime, make up, facial sebum, sunscreen, smoke, exhaust fumes, etc., clogs pores and gives our skin that greying, dull look. Throughout the day, it is hard not to frequently touch our faces, adding to the general build up of grime that clogs our pores.

Your skin needs to breathe and also needs help to slough off the old skin cells and remove the clogging dirt. A face scrub will remove the grime and dead skin cells, leaving your skin ready to be nourished with a facial mask.

Why homemade? Have you ever read the ingredients listed on the back of pretty much any shop bought beauty treatment? Do you even know how to pronounce the names of the ghastly sounding chemicals and have you any idea what they are doing to you? Did you know that parabens have been linked to breast cancer? They will have a prefix before the word paraben in the list of ingredients. Did you know that sodium laureth sulphate is also being linked to cancers? Propylene glycol is another frequent and dangerous ingredient, which you may also find in your anti-freeze and brake fluid?

Did you know that 1 tbsp honey, 2 tsp finely ground almonds, ½ orange and a finely chopped mint leaf can be combined to make a fabulous cleansing facial scrub? Good enough to eat - and therefore good enough to put on your skin. Because your skin will absorb 60% of whatever you put on it, a good rule to follow is don't put anything on your skin that you aren't prepared to eat, as it will end up inside you. Plus, this recipe is so cheap and quick to make with no nasty chemicals. Follow with a honey and yoghurt mask and finish with a green tea toner and you have a whole beauty regime. I could have said follow with a banana and papaya mask or any number of other combinations, depending on your skin type and what sort of nourishment it needs.

Are you like me and frequently have various items of lone fruit rolling around in your fruit bowl for a while, and can't quite remember why you bought them? Well here's what to do with one of them. Combine 1/8 cup rolled oats, 2 tbsp honey and 1 lime (at last - found a use!) into a wonderful, cleansing, zingy face scrub. Gently massage your face with the mixture and rinse off with warm water.

This is just a start. The list of combinations of natural, organic ingredients straight out of your kitchen is endless. Save money, avoid unpleasant chemicals and use the freshest skin care, homemade right under your nose. Get some friends around and have a homemade face scrubs party. You'll have fun and a lot of converts to making your own natural skin care recipes.


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